“Janet’s use of extensive questions, mixed in with her own

experience has enabled her to quickly guide me through a process

of self-discovery that has helped me understand the drivers, not

only of my own behaviours, but also the behaviours of other.”

Head of Operations

AAPT Australia

"I first had the pleasure of working with Janet and the Compass

Learning group as part of a team in a prominent telecommunications

corporation. Through that initial interaction I begun to understand the

benefit leadership coaching could bring individuals and organisations

and so when I chose to take time away from senior management

corporate life I engaged directly with Janet with a view to exercising

some demons and making more of my potential."

Strategy Manager

Optus Australia

“Janet’s work with me and our team has always been insightful,

creative, engaging, and business-outcome focused.  Her coaching

has enabled significantly improved levels of engagement and team

effectiveness in my organisation.  But most importantly, Janet

embodies the principles of emotional intelligence in a manner that is

truly inspiring to experience.  There is a simplicity and truth in her

work that will impact you--individually and organisationally-in quite a

powerful way."


Genos International USA


Developing Cross Cultural Team Capability

We develop adaptive, flexible and cohesive cross cultural and virtual teams

We acknowledge that the “team paradigm” has shifted rapidly as a result of today’s connected, distributed

globalized and competitive environment.

That teams now come together from different cultures, geographic locations and hierarchies as working groups

to collaborate and interact effectively to solve problems, deliver projects and achieve organisational outcomes.

Working with cultural differences

We acknowledge that there are often large gaps between the corporate or external cultures and each individuals

own unique or internal culture.

We create the common understanding and empathy that bridges and respects differences to enable people to interact

effectively. We assume that every member of each culture has the “right” and “proper” way of doing things and

design facilitative group processes that engage people in a mutual search for common ground that is inclusive

and empathic to all.

Tapping into and sharing knowledge, skills and experience

We teach teams how to tap into each other’s knowledge, skills and experience to deal with the complexity

and scale of the projects and business outcomes they seek to develop and deliver.

Building core competency to tap into human capacity

We build team membership and leadership mindsets, behaviours and communication skills from the “core”

to facilitate good working processes for communications, decisions and problem solving by;

• Building competence towards understanding the core issues and business challenges.

• Applying ideas and strategies for developing systemic solutions.

• Analysing the generative nature of the core issues and business challenges.

• Evaluating results and creating, enacting and embodying plans for the future.

Clarifying project purpose, goals and mutual accountability

We focus clarifying the team’s purpose for being together in whatever aspect they are required to work

together. We clarify individual roles and team goals, and establish mutual accountability to maximise

the deep expertise required to develop new products, services and systems in global markets.

Improving ways of collaborating and adapting

We conduct “safe” and high gradient feedback processes to build trusted relationships by engaging team

members in courageous conversations. We plan and facilitate residential retreat processes that enable

executive teams to explore and transform the inner space from which they operate.




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