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Janet Sernack

CEO - Global leadership facilitator and executive coach

Janet is the Managing Director of Compass Learning. She has gained her strong consulting,

education, facilitation, training and executive coaching skills from over 30 years of experience in

the manufacturing, retailing and learning and development businesses. She is a global expert in

the business applications of Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence, Emergence Theory,

Israeli Innovation and Executive Team Effectiveness.  She is passionate about enrolling people

& teams in their own cause: to be the best they can be, to be the change they wish to see in the world. She brings

authenticity, generosity, compassion, courage, enthusiasm and heart to her work. More ...

Ross Judd

Australian Consultant and Facilitator

Ross is a senior consultant, team coach, trainer and facilitator and has worked as an associate of

Compass learning for the past five years. He specialises in developing leaders, managers, and

teams to be more productive and effective. He carefully blends theory, profiles, feedback and

activities to create unique experiential learning programs that effect true learning that creates

change. His passion is to help people and teams reach their potential and achieve more. He

brings insight, pragmatism and empathy to his work; he is a motivating and inspirational facilitator.  More ...

Oded Zohar

Global Lead Facilitator

Oded brings a wide and eclectic breadth of experience and a multitude of unique talents and

skills to his work at ImagineNation™.

As well as being a seasoned entrepreneur, international circus artist and teacher, and yoga

instructor, he is a specialist in experiential learning, business management and communications.

Whilst based in Israel, Oded has travelled extensively and worked in Europe and also in the

US. He embodies and role models the key qualities outlined in our Innovate Like an Israeli Learning System (ILI)

and is the games master of our own unique, customized Israeli Start-Up Game.

He is the founder and key facilitator at Zohar HR, an Israeli based organisational development consultancy

that offers a basket of experiential training programs for organisations.  More ...

Jeff Gordon

Global Facilitator

Jeff has a rich background in Community and Social Theatre, Clowning and Drama therapy and

has worked in a wide variety of settings, with a vastly diverse range of populations globally.

The focus of his work, in both Israel, and in the UK has always been on human development, in

supporting individuals and groups to realize their full potential.

He established a unique and innovative global training company, “All the Worlds a Stage” to

improve organizational communication and increase motivation and engagement in the workplace. He designed

and facilitated specialized educational programs that encourage creative expression. More ...

Denise Archie

Facilitator Australia

Denise Archie is an award winning facilitator and is the Global CEO of the Coaching College.

www.coachingcollege.com.au in Australia. She is recognised as one of the early pioneers in

Vocational and Educational Training (VET) and e-learning since 1990, and was a recent finalist

for the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award for VET.

Since 1994 Denise has continued to win multiple awards for her innovative and creative workshops

and business strategies. This has included The Construction Industry’s ‘Commitment to Training Award’ for

pioneering the concept of workplace trainers and assessors, to OneSteel’s Contractor Excellence Award for

Customer Service in 2010 and 2011. More ...

Marcus Archie

Facilitator USA

Marcus Archie is the USA Director of Coaching College, www.coachingcollege.com.au a multiple

award winning Australian based learning and development company. Marcus has become a

leading authority on Coaching and Mentoring for emerging Leaders and Managers in both Australia

and the USA.

Marcus began his career as a teacher in one of Sydney’s most prestigious schools and excelled

there for over 5 years. During this time, he led the committee in developing the cross-curriculum for the middle

school. His leadership role has extended to volunteering in community youth leadership camps and was Head Coach

of an Australian international women’s soccer team for the Maccabiah Games. More ...

Dr Tom Shwartz

Principal Consultant and Facilitator Australia

Tom is a professional Consulting Facilitator and Facilitation trainer as well as an International

Association of Facilitators (IAF) Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) and Assessor, and also

a CToPF (Certified ToP Faciliator) and Assessor. He is the current DoA (Director of Assessment)

for the ToP Global Institute of Facilitative Leadership.

He is the Principal of Kinnogene (Aus) Pty Ltd www.kinnogene.com.au a consultancy that works

in the ANZ and Asia Pacific Region to bring about transformation through a deeply reflective facilitive stance

(or philosophy) in consulting engagements in which people feel empowered and committed. More ...


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" I have worked with Compass Learning as a trusted

partner for over three years in a variety of leadership and

personal responsibility programs across a large segment

of our organisation. I am always amazed at how much

our people learn from each activity and I love the use of

practical exercises, to assist in the understanding of the

concepts or discussions.

Compass learning have a wonderful balance of striving

for company outcomes while developing and empowering

individuals. Everything is kept real and a kick up the

backside (when required) is done with style.

Personally, I found my executive coaching a

fundamental change in how I live my life.  One of my

outcomes from the coaching was "to stop the consistent

noise in my head".  

Through the coaching, I am focused on what I want to

achieve, I choose how to spend my time and I love the

power and the tools I have learnt that ensure I live the

life I have chosen.  I am personally very happy, I trust

my instincts, my relationships with my family have

improved substanially and I genuinely thrive on life and

am an active particpant, not a bystander." 

Thank you Compass Learning.

Senior Manager,





19 Comas Road


Victoria 3193


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