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Dr Tom Shwartz

Consultant and Facilitator Australia

Tom is a professional Consulting Facilitator and Facilitation trainer as well as an International Association of

of Facilitators (IAF) Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) and Assessor, and also a CToPF

(Certified ToP Faciliator) and Assessor. He is the current DoA (Director of Assessment) for the ToP Global

Institute of Facilitative Leadership.

He is the Principal of Kinnogene (Aus) Pty Ltd www.kinnogene.com.au a consultancy that works in the ANZ and

Asia Pacific Region to bring about transformation through a deeply reflective facilitive stance (or philosophy) in

consulting engagements in which people feel empowered and committed. These help people and organisations work

with ambiguity and complexity where there may well be no right answers and where paradigm shifts are required.

Kinnogene typically delivers these transformation and development engagements over the ANZ and Asia Pacific

Region. These approaches are used towards empowering leadership development and participatory planning and

change delivery modes. These result in transformation, capacity development and sustainable change in ways

that build individual, community and organizational agility and responsiveness required to meet changing

reality amidst the complexity, ambiguity and turbulence of today and tomorrow.

Tom is able to blend analytic thinking (courtesy of a PhD in the sciences and a post-grad Dip in Bus Administration),

with organisational and business ‘smarts‘(from 25 years as a Corporate executive over Asia Pacific introducing

disruptive and paradigm changing innovations) with a profound appreciation of cultures and the power of inclusive

dialogue to bring about transformation (THE lesson from living and working in Asia for 10 years).

His Cert IV in TAA/TAE is underpinned by his extensive background in Learning and Development for over 30 years –

having for example setup and managed the Apple Training Institute for Apple Computers (over ANZ then AP).

Tom is also active in the consulting community and has been a member of the Executive of the AIM NSW Strategic

Management Special Interest Group, and a Director of the ICA (Institute of Cultural Affairs) Australia.

He consults to the global Change Management Institute (CMI), and internationally was vice-chair of the Science &

Technology and Chair of the InfoComm Committees for the AmCham Shanghai, as well as an Executive Committee

Member of the Shanghai Austcham.

Tom is a professional member of the Global IAF (and ex-Board member) and Future Search Network, the Asia

Facilitator network, ICA (Institute of Cultural Affairs) and the Catalyst network. He is frequently invited as a facilitator

at international IAF and AFN Facilitation conferences (Australasia, Asia, and South-East Asia, South Africa,

Europe). He was also invited as the plenary facilitator and post-conference workshop lead at the MAFa (Malaysia

Association of Facilitators) conference on Nation-Building (KL in Feb’2011). He facilitated sessions that explored

and resolvedissues in the Ying and Yang of both finding voice and listening to all voices – amidst great societal

diversity (e.g. see http://youtu.be/zAXbu3cP-p8 )

Tom is also committed to doing pro-bono work and is involved in youth Leadership sessions for the AIESEC

(Mainland of China) on ‘Strategy vs. Execution’, the world’s first Citizen’s Parliament at Old Parliament house

Canberra in Feb 2009 (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWOoQwpJdrE) and the ‘Courage to Care’ work with

schools and young people around discrimination, stereotyping and Bullying & Harassment.

Whilst based in Australia, Tom also travels extensively to the Asia Pacific Region.


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"I have worked with Compass Learning as a trusted

partner for over three years in a variety of leadership and

personal responsibility programs across a large segment

of our organisation. I am always amazed at how much

our people learn from each activity and I love the use of

practical exercises, to assist in the understanding of the

concepts or discussions.

Compass learning have a wonderful balance of striving

for company outcomes while developing and empowering

individuals. Everything is kept real and a kick up the

backside (when required) is done with style.

Personally, I found my executive coaching a

fundamental change in how I live my life.  One of my

outcomes from the coaching was "to stop the consistent

noise in my head".  

Through the coaching, I am focused on what I want to

achieve, I choose how to spend my time and I love the

power and the tools I have learnt that ensure I live the

life I have chosen.  I am personally very happy, I trust

my instincts, my relationships with my family have

improved substanially and I genuinely thrive on life and

am an active particpant, not a bystander." 

Thank you Compass Learning.

Senior Manager,





19 Comas Road


Victoria 3193


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