"The deeply researched insights that Compass Learning have wired

in to the work they do in unleashing the potential in individuals and

teams through changing their mindsets satisfies even the strongest

cynics that there is a better way to deliver great outcomes in

business and often also in their personal lives."


Bearing Point Australia Pty Ltd

“I had the pleasure to work with Janet with an off-site she ran for our

group. Janet was superb, she managed to bind all the people to a

common goal. We walked out the off-site, feeling that we have one

vision. Janet was great in binding us all, she is has great attitude,

excellent experience in team building and very persuasive yet nice


Operations Manager

HP Solution Engineering Israel

“Janet’s style and commitment went beyond her responsibility as a

facilitator she earned our trust and respect. An inspiration and a

fabulous role model for women in the world of business.”

Senior Manager

Westpac Banking Corporation Australia


About Compass Learning - Theories into Action

We acknowledge that “business as usual” is no longer “good enough”

We transform the latest cutting edge leadership, team and innovation management and leadership theories into action

This gives people the tools to tap into the company’s knowledge and human capacity, improve teamwork and

communication and flow with the speed of change.

Our approach and methods awaken people to “what is really going on” and to “what is possible”

Because we are experts in corporate learning, we enable leaders and teams to close their “knowing-doing” gaps. This

enables them to affect the desired emotional, mindset and behavioural changes to deal with the current reality as

well as to co-create the desired future as it emerges.

Our projects are designed to deliver outcomes

Because we understand how people, teams and businesses work, our projects are customized and aligned to deliver

agreed organisational outcomes.

Our projects are designed to decipher and work with your cultural DNA

Because we work to complement and maximise your existing cultural strengths and attributes, our projects work

with the artefacts, beliefs, values and core assumptions of your current culture.

Our projects deliver what they promise

Because our learning programs integrate and apply brain science and adult learning principles, we enable and

support people to respond positively to, integrate and embed the desired changes.

Our projects incorporate the latest technologies that connect people

Because we know how to translate theory into genuine practice our learning journeys incorporate the use of

innovative learning channels including crowd sourcing, social media, internet based webinars, internal intranet

functions and enterprise gamification processes.

Our projects engage people at the visceral level

Because we know how to design, develop and deliver “blended learning” interventions, we typically include a broad

range of delivery options including pre-work assignments, experiential learning activities, customised business

application processes, action learning assignments, team coaching programs supported by in house or team

learning groups.




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Victoria 3193


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